"You can get all A's antd still flunk life.”
- Walker Percy -

At Modasim, we strongly believe that the classroom is merely a part of a bigger picture. What is equally important is the various experiences a student go through OUTSIDE of it. As such, we aim not only to provide educational assistance but also support in various forms for an
all-round holistic, educational experience.

The Modasim Student Privilege Card (SPC) is developed with this aim in mind. We truly understand that being away from home is not easy and can be nerve-wrecking. To make
matters worse, there are times when your budget goes astray and you find yourself in a total RUT…….no worries……The SPC is your LINK to financial independence. With SPC you are now able to EARN and EARN as much as you want while studying. Limitless opportunities await you!

Let the SPC link you to new and exciting ways to EARN.

Bored? Lonely?
Let the SPC link you to new friends and new challenges.

Feeling Unimportant?
Let the SPC link you to instant recognition.

Fed-up With Being Taken For Granted?
Let the SPC link you to rewards for academic achievements.

Don't Know What To Do In Your Spare Time?
Let the SPC link you to various facilities and avenues for sports and recreation.

Need To Shop For Necessities (From Groceries to a Laptop?)
Let the SPC link you to special discounts and privileges.

Don’t Know What To Do During Semester Breaks?
Let the SPC link you to fun and exciting holidays at special discounts.

With so much to offer, the SPC Card is a must have. Apply now!

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